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Pictures have emerged of Pippa Middleton accidently exposing her underwear at London Fashion Week.

Since when did Pippa become a worldwide¬†celebrity? And since when did a Gloucestershire restaurant choose to make Pippa Middleton out of crumpets?! Since the whole world became obsessed with her personal life, her outfits and of course…her rear.

Whilst critics argue that Pippa is denouncing the Royal family by her ‘behaviour’ (what behaviour is that, exactly?) we defend her as a normal, beautiful woman. Indeed, she is the future Queen‘s little sister, but she has by no means drawn this attention upon herself and we sometimes wonder as to whether the media should leave her alone. Since the Royal Wedding the papers have been trawling through Pippa‘s past for scandals, information on ex boyfriends and saucy pictures.

On the other hand, such media attention is undoubtedly giving Pippa a profile boost which she can eventually use to her advantage. Swooning bachelors, A-List treatment and party invitations overnight- we wouldn’t complain.