Premae Skincare Smoothie Serums

Posted by: on Sep 12, 2012 | 3 Comments


Next month sees the launch of Premae Skincare’s range of new Smoothie Serums, and here at GossipDrip we can’t wait to sample the latest beauty treat from the world’s first 100% allergy-free, natural brand.

We all have different skincare needs: some of us have oily skin, while a number of us suffer from dry, uneven skin tones. The hang-up lists are endless. And luckily for us, Premae have created four sumptuous serums available with their existing core ranges, catering to our every beauty need.

Using 100% vegan-friendly ingredients, these facial serums act as a specialist primer and gently moisturise your face before you apply that trusty foundation. What I love about Premae’s wonder primer is how its formula is completely free from the eight food allergens responsible for up to 90% of food allergies and reactions. I’m severely allergic to shellfish, and Premae have expelled any trace of this as well as milk, egg, peanuts, fish, soy and gluten from their serum – perfect for women and men alike who worry about having an unwanted reaction.

Also, the Clemensy, Harmony, Supreme and Triumph serum ranges are free of alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrance and colour, so you can rest assured your skin is receiving nothing less than star treatment. I can’t wait to get my mitts on a bottle when it hits stores online 4th October!


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