Proud to fake it! Vita Liberata tanning mousse

Posted by: on Jun 13, 2012 | One Comment
Made in Chelsea's Binky is a fan of Vita Liberata as well as Gabriella Ellis, Chloe Green and Millie Mackintosh

Made in Chelsea's Binky is a fan of Vita Liberata as well as Gabriella Ellis, Chloe Green and Millie Mackintosh

I discovered the Vita Liberata tanning range through my obsession with ‘Made in Chelsea’. Chelsea’s leading ladies always manage to achieve a natural sun-kissed look without looking orange. In a recent interview, Quality Street queen Millie Mackintosh revealed her glow was indeed a spray-on tan by Vita Liberata. The tanning team visit your home to tan you (which wasn’t a luxury I could afford) so I was extremely excited when Boots announced their endorsement of the products.

I opted to buy the pHenomenal, 2-3 week tan. Being a lazy tanner, the 2-3 week tan was the main selling point for me. I hate having to reapply tan every other day or so. Vita Liberata advise three applications to ensure your tan lasts 2-3 weeks. Although it says to reapply after one hour and wash off after three hours, lazy, old me prefers to apply one layer before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning and apply another layer the next evening. It works just as well and the tan lasts around 10 days as the product suggests. I have never actually applied a third layer through fear of looking too dark!

Being quite pale myself, I normally choose the darkest shade of tanning mousse, but this time I sensibly chose the medium tone which was absolutely fine. I would also warn anyone who wants to try out this tan not to be worried about the colour of your skin before your tan is washed off. I was streakier than a slice of bacon after my first time of using the product (as well as a lazy tanner, I’m not much of an expert tanner either) but after a shower my skin tone had evened out nicely.

The thing I loved most about using this product were the comments I received after. Rather being called orange, I was being asked where I’d been away to to achieve such a lovely tan. For once I was proud to say I’d faked it! People were even asking what brand I used so that they could buy it themselves- another first!

The slight downside is the price tag. At £37.50 a bottle it comes in a lot more than the nation’s favourite St. Moriz mousse which retails at around £2.99. Despite costing over 10 times more than St. Moriz (ouch!) I see this as a worthy investment as I found with a bottle of St. Moriz I was having to reapply the tan every 2-3days and every 10 days with Vita Liberata (you do the math!) And although I looked browner with the cheaper product, I didn’t look particularly tanned…or clean for that matter! Before, I refused to spend a hefty amount on tanning products because to me none of them could produce a natural looking tan- but I think Vita Liberata may have cracked it! There pHenomenal mousse most definitely is just that and something I shall be recommending to everyone.

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