Queen Victoria: ELLE’s March Covergirl

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Victoria Beckham is back in Britain and triumphantly announces her return by featuring as ELLE magazine’s March cover.

After recently relocating from LA, their celeb lifestyle has been exported back to the UK, with the end of David’s contract with LA Galaxy.  The Beckham brood are back with a bounce, with the stunning 38 year old mother of four at the head of the pack.

Former Spice Girl Victoria has carved a career, as a respected designer, for herself since moving out to America which requires a lot of dedication and hard work,  ‘I don’t have to work, I need to work. But I have a good work ethic, David has an incredible work ethic.’ As well as raising Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, Cruz, 7, and Harper, 1, Victoria is an accomplished style icon. Since her first line of sunglasses in 2006, Mrs Beckham has scored an incredible list of fashion accolades culminating in shows at London Fashion Week and, in February, New York Fashion Week. ‘It was never my intention to prove anybody wrong. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it…’

On the cover she wears a jacket and leather body by Burberry, followed by a subsequent twelve page spread which sees her in Lanvin, Manolo Blahnik and, of course, her own eponymous mainline collection. She is serenely beautiful, sizzling in each outfit, so it’s surprising when she admits her own humility, ‘On stage with the Spice Girls, I thought people were there to see the other four, not me,’ she said. ‘When I go out with David and people take pictures I think, ‘They’re here to take David’s picture.’ Her recent outings with her former bandmates have been mired in controversy, the reunion at the Olympics, where she wore a Giles Deacon gown, was plagued by rumours that she was reluctant to take part and she arrived late, and chose to sit with her family, at the Viva Forever! premiere. However, this interview is testament to the fact that she is not as aloof as she seems. And here, she is the one been photographed, on her own, like the superstar that she is.

What does the future hold for Mrs Beckham? (Perhaps another son involved in a fashion ad, Romeo debuted as the start of Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, or David to join an English football team again, he was seen warming up with Arsenal players this week) She’s releasing ‘Icon’, in February, which will be her inaugural e-commerce collection,  ‘I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I can’t hand over. But I’m trying to do that more. It’s hard because I have such a specific vision.’ But it seems that the future for Posh is happening, whatever lies ahead:  ‘Now David has finished playing for LA Galaxy and we are starting a new chapter in our lives; as a family we are all very excited about what lies ahead for 2013.’