Revenge: An explosion, a death and a revelation!

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Could this be the beginning of Amanda Clarke and Jack Porter joining forces?

The final episode of the season and we finally see Emily Thorne (Emily Vancamp) admit to Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) that she is the one and only Amanda Clarke!

Viewers gasped as this revelation was left open ended, with a confused Jack being bombarded by flashbacks of childhood Amanda.

Of course, no ending to a season would be anything without a death, and Declan Porter (Connor Paulo, the former Gossip Girl actor), in heartbreaking scenes told his young girlfriend Charlotte Grayson (Christa Brittany Allen) ‘You’ll be a great mother.’

The show has caused a lot of questions about the role ‘revenge’ plays and whether it can ever lead to a good outcome.

With the truth being exposed, ‘I’m Amanda Clarke’, could this result in an Avengers type union between Jack and Emily?

We sure hope so!