Review: Magic Mike

Posted by: on Jul 21, 2012 | No Comments

I was fortunate enough to go and see Magic Mike and would definitely recommend it to all…women.

The film follows a stripper (Channing Tatum) introducing a young dropout (Alex Pettyfer) into his lifestyle.

First of all, although I haven’t personally been to a strip club, watching Magic Mike felt like being at a real live show. There were undeniable moments of shock, awe and even a little drool, so it’s safe to say that the atmosphere was definitely there. It was difficult to tell whether the squeals of excitement were coming from the women on screen or the many, many girls in the cinema theatre.

The stripping side of the film doesn’t disappoint at all – rude but not crude. It was both creative and brilliant to see Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) performing routines reminiscent of his role in Step Up (2006). On the other hand, there’s an interesting dark and deeper story explored in Pettyfer’s character (Adam). Mathew McConaughey, aka Dallas delivers a very funny performance as the boss and other ‘hot bods’ include True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash (for the older ladies), who all do a great job at looking good but don’t really make much difference to the overall plot.

There were some unexpected silences and creative camera angles which added a slightly arty atmosphere to the film, but it was somewhat random considering the plot.

Thankfully, the sexiness is maintained throughout the film and there is no question that it’s a great girls night out movie. The story-line is realistic but leaves the ending slightly unresolved, but with the sequel confirmed it’s worth waiting for more seriously sculpted abs and hilariously hot dance moves.