Rihanna Who? Chris Brown Cosies Up To Model On Set

Posted by: on Mar 15, 2013 | No Comments

So, Chris Brown reportedly got really angry that girlfriend Rihanna sung What’s My Name? during the first night of her Diamonds World Tour, and it looks like he’s found the perfect way to retaliate.

Despite encouraging men to tell their women: “that’s my p***y, baby! so you better not give it away”, Breezy was spotted looking very close and smoochy with a girl who definitely wasn’t Rih on set of his video for Fine China.

Even though Chris was “not tripping” over the fact that RiRi chose to sing that Drizzy song and not include any of their own collabs in her set, it seems that even though the cameras were probably rolling at this point and he was probably thinking of Rihanna the whole time maybe he wanted to make somebody a little jel.

Well a word of advice Christopher, it isn’t best to fight fire with fire.

Especially if one fire is Rihanna.