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Don’t you hate it when an eyeliner or even a lip liner dries up and is very difficult to use, and we simply  don’t use it anymore, or worse- we throw it away? (I know I’ve been guilty of doing this!)


We tend to waste money because we can’t rescue a beauty product, but with a few simple steps we can save money by not throwing away products that can be revived! Below are some tips that can help you save some of your dried up eye liner as well as lip liners:

1. Run a blow-dryer on low heat facing the liner for 5 seconds.(If you don’t have a blow-dryer you can use a lighter/match but you must be careful not to burn yourself — with this method hold the liner directly above the lighter/match while rotating the liner again for 5 seconds).


2. Lightly test out the product on the back of your hands (if its a consistency that is useable then apply the liner.  (The liner should not be hot at all, of course if it is please give it a few seconds to cool down.)

3. If needed, repeat step 1 for additional softness.

4. If the liner becomes way too creamy, it can be placed into the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden up.

Hopefully this helped. I’d love to hear any tips that you may have when it comes to rescuing dried up eye liner as well as lip liners!



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