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So Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still going strong approaching their ten month anniversary, despite the fact that Selena decided to opt for someone 2 years younger than herself. Whilst the difference is only 2 years, several women choose to date younger men. As a young women this can often be viewed by others as negative (why would you date a boy that is not only 2 years younger than you, but 4 years behind you mentally?!) but conversely, as an older women, having a ‘toyboy’ is often celebratory. We look into the advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger man (or boy, in Bieber‘s case…) below.


For an older woman, having a toyboy can make you feel younger than you really are. Forget the men who are scared to approach you because of your well earnt status as a sucessful, older woman. Enjoy life.

Younger men are bound to be less demanding if they know you’re in charge, and have had more life experience.

In an era of reforming tradition, women now have the freedom to date whoever they want, without social judgement.

Different interests between age groups can mean new possiblities, perhaps unknown to you and your friends beforehand.

If we are talking a big age gap between you and your man then you might be excited to discover that your new toyboy can cook. So long male dominated tradition.

Last but by no means least, younger men are going to bring something new and exciting to your sex life, fact. And we’re sure you can teach them a thing or two…


There may be a slight problem with differences in interest. Think Xbox, Playstation and… more Playstation.

They cannot deal with your emotional baggage. Do not discuss family planning, financial or work issues- they do not have sufficient life experience to deal with such matters. Alternatively, if you want to get rid of your toyboy, physco, obsessive behaviour is recommended.