Sexy Marc Jacobs Takes Diet Coke Mantle

Posted by: on Feb 7, 2013 | No Comments

Chic designer Marc Jacobs has taken the helm as Creative Director for Diet Coke to celebrate the brand turning thirty.

Jacobs runs his own label and also oversees creative direction at Louis Vuitton. He has snared the design baton from previous illustrious collaborators such as Karl Lagerfeld (2011) and John Paul Gaultier (2012). Jacobs is redesigning the bottles as ‘whimsical, feminine’ inspired by the rise, and in celebration, of female empowerment through the eighties, nineties and noughties. He indicated that he felt ‘extremely privileged’ to take part and admired the work of the previous designers. His creations will involve fashion illustrations and repeating prints, and a slight change to the Diet Coke logo ‘We wanted it to be colourful and fun,’ the designer said. ‘Diet Coke is an icon – and I love an icon.’

Ahead of the unveiling, Jacobs has created a short film parody of the famous ‘Diet Coke Break’ advert. It sees him minus a shirt allowing his rippling muscles and collection of tattoos to be on display. ‘I still think it’s hysterical people want me to take my shirt off. You know, I’m going to be 50 in two months, so I guess I should be glad.’ The launch event for the ‘Sparkling Together for 30 Years’ celebration will take place on March 11.