Sexy Silk vs. The All In One: The Pyjamas Debate

Posted by: on May 3, 2012 | No Comments

When it comes to pyjamas, there is no right or wrong. However, the recent ‘trends’ in nightwear do create the debate: comfort or sex appeal?

Now for the single working girl, a mixture of both is essential. Comfortable pyjamas will enhance a good nights sleep, ready for a day at the office and are only likely to be seen by the postman. If your postman happens to be extremely handsome however, maybe have the sexy silk slip on hand for a quick early morning change. When it comes to those weekends out on the town, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a few silk numbers in the drawer, as I can only imagine if some man is lucky enough to be waking up next to you, those Mickey Mouse PJ’s will soon be making him wish he hadn’t. These La Senza pieces suit both:


For the girl still in the honeymoon period, its all about skimpy, silk and satin nightwear to keep her man interested. But men don’t be fooled, it wont last! This little La Senza number is perfect:


For those more settled in their relationships, the night shirts, all in ones and button up sets tend to find their way to the top of the pyjama drawer. This Topshop shirt is a great way to keep it cute: