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Soap & Glory launched in 2006 when Marcia Kilgore decided to introduce deliciously smelling and fantastically formulated bath, beauty and body products to the UK.

Now gradually becoming a global brand, we explain why we love Soap & Glory and everything it stands for…

1) “It doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg to moisturize one” – Soap & Glory is affordable. In comparison with other brands that use fancy packaging to mask their not so fantastic product quality, Soap & Glory promotes girly and fun products that actually work. 

2) Soap & Glory has proven its success by winning Britain’s Best Body Butter, as well as having created Britain’s most well loved lip plumping lipgloss

3) Soap & Glory care about the environment. They are currently promoting the ‘2 MINUTE RINSE’- an initiative brought about by water shortage concerns in line with Soap & Glory shower gel.