Steamy scenes in Made in Chelsea

Posted by: on Nov 13, 2012 | One Comment

Sex and incredibly well to do people: for us that equals a horrendously awkward moment and that’s exactly what viewers got yesterday on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea!

We love the show but do you not think that Louise and Spencer’s steamy shower scene was more porn than it was reality television?

One Twitter user has portrayed the moment perfectly: ‘Seeing @SpencerGeorgeM and @LouiseAThompson in the shower reminded me of an Attenborough hippo vs human attack scene. #madeinchelsea’. (sic) At one moment we were scared Louise was on the verge of drowning, but don’t worry readers… the tiny Made In Chelsea star seemed perfectly well a few moments later as she and Spencer covered themselves with their luxurious pure white towels.

It was later made worse by the newest girl of Jamie’s, Lucy, stating “I like players… in fact, I class myself as one too”. Ollie’s eyebrows said it all …

What did you guys think? Chelsea chic or just another sinking ship?