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The Olympics have got to be the most highly anticipated event this year, with people all over the world flocking in to be a part of it- making 2012 a very proud time to be British.

For those of us not quite so sporty, we can still be involved in the excitement of the Olympics – in my case, the fashion. Designed by Stella McCartney it was always destined to be exciting, if not entirely what everyone expected.

With a less traditional take on the Union Jack, the kit focuses more on blue than red, something which has been criticised by a lot of people. Stella stated “Something that was very important to me was to try and use that very iconic image but to dismantle it and try to soften it, break it down and make it more fashionable in a sense.” The much loved red is still featured within the kit, in the form of the socks, shoes and neckline of the tops.

Created by Adidas with the aim to be breathable, light and streamlined, Stella’s involvement was to make the ensemble more ‘cool’ and stylish. The idea is that feeling better in their appearance will in turn make the athletes perform to a higher standard. We shall see if that is the case when counting out the medals. Bring us home the gold Team GB!