Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have their first argument!

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The first argument in a new relationship is usually the most memorable. You’ve hit that first milestone and now there’s no going back. It’s a sign that your relationship is moving onto the next level and this has definitely been the case for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

Tay Tay, known for her catchy songs and now for her new celebrity look of blonde hair and signature red lips has had her fair share of romances. This is probably a good thing as those relationships are the reason for her album’s success. If her love life didn’t exist, neither would her singing career.

Taylor and Tom: Love or Loathe?

Her new beau, the British heartthrob, Tom Hiddleston, rumoured to be the next James Bond, has stolen the hearts of many women. It’s just unfortunate that Taylor Swift has stolen his.

The pair have been dating for 2 months now, starting just weeks after 26 year old Taylor Swift ended her relationship with Calvin Harris. They were apparently inseparable for the first couple of weeks, as like all beginnings of relationships, the honeymoon period is the most important. But as Hiddleston’s acting career is gaining more and more momentum, it’s starting to put a strain on their relationship. While he is working on his most recent movie, the superhero film Thor: Ragnarok, the charming 6ft 2 Brit and the blond bombshell are finding it difficult to make time for each other.

There are many difficulties that occur in relationships and the famous duo of Swift and Hiddleston are no exception. This has ultimately resulted in the loved up pair experiencing their first ‘lovers tiff.’ Being labelled as the argument of the year, and a disagreement that nearly caused them to split up, for me is a bit extreme. We all experience heated discussions like this but it’s hardly the same as fighting over a love affair or eating the last biscuit in the biscuit tin. Something that would definitely make me question the state of a relationship.

Is it really the biggest drama of the year?

Reported as their ‘biggest fight’ to date, I wouldn’t want to see an argument about something more serious, I’d be expecting punches and a huge fight scene. (something like an action movie, which I’m sure Mr Hiddleston would be amazing in.)

So what appears to be tagged as the biggest drama of the year so far, is in fact a far cry from this accredited accolade. All relationships have their ups and downs and it just so happens that celebrities have the same issues as us mere mortals. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have had a disagreement about not being able to see each other. This is all part of being in a couple and is hardly something I would call the argument of the century.