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It’s funny what makes you want to go the cinema. Some go to see a certain actor or actress they like, some go for the experience of the big screen, and some will just go because they are enticed to from all the media and publicity that is put in front of them, making them want to see that certain film.

In my case it was none of the above. It’s not often I will say this, but I wanted to see The Descendants because of the director, Alexander Payne.

Payne’s last film back in 2004 was Sideways, which was a brilliant film about two men having a mid-life crisis. Instead of showing an everyday situation way over the top like most films, it was portrayed with humor and a sense of reality, which made the film so enjoyable and Payne seems to have carried on with the same formula in The Descendants.

The film is about a land baron (George Clooney) who tries to re-connect with his two daughters after his wife is left in a coma from a boating accident.

For all you female fans out there, Mr Clooney is of course as dreamy as ever, (damn it). Though this role is completely out of his usual comfort zone, the conviction he shows makes his performance all the more impressive and he was completely deserving of his golden globe for ‘Best Actor’.

You can see the director’s influence of how he portrays his characters in adverse circumstances, especially in that played by Shailene Woodley, who plays eldest daughter Alex. Alex is the wild child who was sent off to boarding school, and although the stereotypical role of her character would be, kicking and screaming every five minutes saying ‘I hate you!’ She is more laid back and witty, which makes her character all the more enjoyable to watch.

The brilliance of this film is that it will make you feel different emotions throughout. You will be laughing one minute and crying the next and at the same time and the characters are so believable. That’s what so great about it. Already a winner of Golden Globe for ‘Best Picture’ a lot of people are tipping it for Oscar glory and I’d have to agree with them.

After seeing the trailer for the film months ago, I wasn’t to fussed about seeing this film until I found out is was directed by the guy who did Sideways. Luckily I didn’t miss out. It’s funny what makes you want to go to the cinema…


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