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“The Dolly Rockers are no sanitized, saccharine, ‘manufactured’ girl-band. They are three bright, cutting, frank, hilarious, incredibly talented, real life size dolls! With a mission to shake up the world of pop with there vocals and attitude! The Dolls are signed to the powerful Redwalk (Redone and Charlie Walk.) Get ready to be Dolly Rockered!”

Dolly Rockers consist of Daniele Owen, Sophie King & Lucie Kay.

“These witty girls are a whirlwind of incredible vocals, harmonies, and fun rock pop: leaving behind a scattering of spikes, leather and broken hearts. The Dolly Rockers aren’t some media trained, goodie-goodie, and wont-put-a-foot-wrong bunch of stage-school starlets sitting on a conveyor belt of processed pop. The Dolly Rockers are reality writ large and unashamed (see the video below): they have come to kick the world of pop. The Dolls create all of their own clothes and have their own clothing range which consists of flamboyant colors, leather, spikes, ripped tights, tartan and their trademark dolly rocker skirts that come in all different shapes and sizes. They play their own instruments and write all of their own music. Between them they cover an enormous range within their vocals and have remarkable tones. Think Spice Girls meets En Vogue meets The Bangles meets Destiny’s Child. They are 3 best friends and want every girl to join their gang. The Dolly Rockers are musicians with huge talent and cause havoc everywhere they go, having fun and turning heads.”

‘These are The Dolly Rockers, and I have never wanted to be anyone as bad as I want to be one of them, they are the future of pop’- New York Post

The Dolly Rockers Website