The Fall: BBC 2’s Prolific Serial Killer Continues …

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BBC2’s new television programme hit screens a month ago, and its shocking content is continuing. The idea of stranger danger is entirely discredited through Jamie Dornan, a former Calvin Klein model, playing the role of sadistic misogynist Paul Spector. The audience is drawn into a seemingly happy home, a husband, wife and two children. However, this idyllic image is tarnished by Spector’s acts as he stalks, hunts and kills his first victim Sarah Kay (Laura Donnelly). The use of an attractive man who spends his day helping others with their grief draws the audience in to the world of this brutal and calculating killer.

The cast consists of well- known actors including Gillian Anderson, John Lynch, Ian McElhinney and Hollyoaks stars Gerard McCarthy, Emmett Scanlan and Bronagh Waugh.

This show breaks away from the stereotypes society holds when considering what characteristics and life style a serial killer would lead. It causes a jolt in the viewer as Spector’s appearance is pleasing to the eye, but his actions are abhorrently immoral.

Jamie Dornan stars in The Fall