The Fix Factor: Louis Walsh at the centre of a voting fix scandal

Posted by: on Oct 9, 2012 | No Comments

Picture: REX

Sunday night’s live show gave audience the opportunity to see how the X Factor is fixed. Louis Walsh is now at the centre of a voting fix scandal, as he was seen talking to the executive producer, Richard Holloway, whilst Carolynne Pool performed in the sing-off.

Speculation that judge Louis was instructed to send the acts to deadlock in a bid to save the more controversial (and less talented) Rylan Clark, sent the nation into an outraged Twitter frenzy.


Member of the audience, Stephen Moore, tweeted: “Live from the audience at #xfactor Louis saying to Tulisa he was told to take it to deadlock.”

Frankie Cocozza also tweeted about the scandal: “I’m pretty sure the X Factor just showed the whole country how set up it is. Not that we didn’t know anyway. The producers f***ed it.”

After Louis is seen talking to a member of staff, he then struggles to decide which act he wants to send home; originally saying “I wanna keep Carolynne,” to which Dermot questions, causing Louis to feel more pressured and eventually takes it to deadlock. The crowd boo as he changes his decision and Gary Barlow walks off stage, overheard saying the decision was a “f***ing joke.”

It is thought Rylan was favoured by the production team because of his more memorable image – despite Carolynne being the more talented singer. This comes after prior controversy caused by opening the phone lines before acts had even performed; gaining the show’s label “money hungry.”