The Great Gatsby: The 1920’s Is Back

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One of the most anticipated films of the year is finally here and we could not be more excited. Read our review of The Great Gatsby below.

The Great Gatsby: our verdict?

We loved it! Not only do we have the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire to swoon over but let’s not forget about the stunning costumes, makeup and hair too! We imagine many women will be taking inspiration from The Great Gatsby and applying it to their wardrobes; the 1920’s look is a must have and Carey Mulligan pulls it off beautifully.

The glamour, luxury and fun are all evident throughout the film and the costumes, dancing, singing and decadence help bring the story alive. Baz Lurman is the perfect choice for directing, doing what he does best; putting on a huge show!

The story keeps the viewers interested throughout; a complicated and scandalous love story told through the eyes of Toby Maguire’s character, Nick Carraway.

A story entwined with love, deceit, wealth, glamour and reputation; set in a 1920’s New York City where Wall Street was booming and for many, it was seen as the land of hopes and dreams.

The many elements of the story are so entwined that the audience is gripped from the outset.

Let’s not forget about the music either; an array of artists including Jay Z, Beyonce, Lana Del Ray, Emeli Sande and Jack White. To say there is variety is an understatement; but it works. The music draws the audience in further and compliments the film beautifully; combining the 1920’s with the here and now.

We can’t tell you if it is a happy ending or not, but we can say that we at Gossipdrip will be rushing out to get our Great Gatsby inspired wardrobe pieces straight away!