The Kardashian klan wish you a very Merry Christmas

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I’m an absolutely huge fan of the Kardashian klan. I watch all of their various reality programmes, lust over their combined incredible wardrobes, and coo over how bloody cute Mason is. They are just ace. I could not care less about how Kim got famous, it’s the here and now that counts and she’s done pretty damn well for herself, as have they all.


The sisters own several DASH stores across the US, a clothing line in Dorothy Perkins stores in the UK, and many many perfume ranges. Kris is renown as the ‘momager’, Rob has just launched his own sock range, and Kendall is becoming the next big thing in the modelling world! That combined with their main show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and several spin offs, definitely proves they’ve become a household name. Even if you’re not a fan, you most certainly know who they are!


And on Tuesday this week, their family released their annual Christmas card. The Kardashians most certainly aren’t shy, and this photograph is just beautiful. A big family together, all dressed up and having a laugh. Love it. And we get to see beautiful new addition; little Penelope. So cute! But it’s the stunning Kendall Jenner that has taken all the limelight. The 16 year old definitely looked older than her years here, and showed just why she is taking the model world by storm!


This year’s card is certainly a world away from the stern, but still stunning Christmas card the family put out last year. Khloe recently told chat show host Ellen Degeneres that herself and husband Lamar, sister Kendall Jenner and Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick were all photoshopped into the original image due to work commitments permitting them from attending the shoot. What a good job Photoshop can do aye!? I wish my family Christmas card was quite as glamorous as this!