The Metaphorical Awards for Jane Austen’s Best Men

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Downton Abbey is back and in the spirit of period drama GossipDrip relives the best of Jane Austen’s adaptations.  Jane Austen’s novels have treated the world to a host of diverse male characters; good, bad and ugly! Many film and TV adaptations have been made over the years. Here is a breakdown of the best characters and the actors who portrayed them.

Best Creep

The Best Creep Award goes to Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice (1995).  David Bamber does a great job portraying the greasy creepiness of Mr Collins.  He is obnoxious and ridiculous but with a high opinion of himself.

Best moment: That smarmy little wave he gives his wife Charlotte, hilarious!



A close second for Best Creep is Mr Elton from Emma (2009).  Blake Ritson gives a memorable performance as the young Vicar.  Every time he comes on screen he makes me laugh as he is so full of his own importance.

Best moment: Any time he is looking smug, which is all the time.


Best Father

The Best Father Award goes to Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (2005).  I think Donald Sutherland’s portrayal of Mr Bennet is touching.  This adaptation of Pride and Prejudice shows a close relationship between Elizabeth and her Father, despite little screen time.

Best Moment: His last scene with Elizabeth when he cries.  Heart breaking!


Best Villain

A good story isn’t complete without a villain, and Jane Austen wrote some great villains.  The Best Villain Award goes to Mr Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility (2008).  Dominic Cooper gives depth to the character and Willoughby becomes both sympathetic and unlikable!  Willoughby isn’t all bad, but he isn’t a gentleman either and Cooper depicts this tension.

Best moment: When he doesn’t acknowledge Marianne at the ball in London and she faints.  Villainous indeed!


And the runner up must be Mr Wickham from Pride and Prejudice (1995).  Wickham is pure evil; manipulative and deceitful.  Adrian Lukis changes from charming to weak and self-serving quickly and effectively.

Best moment: His convincing lie about his relationship with Darcy, and how Elizabeth believes it!


Best Sidekick

This award goes to the men who are not the official hero, but heroes in their own right! Winner of the Best Sidekick Award is… Mr Bingley!  Simon Woods is adorable in Pride and Prejudice (2005).  Mr Bingley is loyal but modest, and one of the friendliest characters in Austen.

Best moment: When he is practicing proposing to Jane with Darcy, very sweet!


Best Hero

The category we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.  What would our heroines do without these gentlemen?  The Best Hero Award goes to Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (1995).  Colin Firth did a great job of staring without being creepy.  It’s clear he is hopelessly devoted to Elizabeth and Firth always shows his emotion subtly but effectively.

Best moment: The first proposal and how nervous he is before he speaks.


It’s hard to choose a runner up because there are so many great heroes in Jane Austen’s books! In second place is Mr Tilney from Northanger Abbey (2007) because is different from other heroes.  He is very witty and social, and hardly ever broods! JJ Field plays a really likable and funny hero.

Best moment: His teasing of Catherine, and their first kiss which is awkward but cute.

Are your favourites on the list, or do you disagree?