The Only Way Is Over! Sam and Joey have split up

Posted by: on Jun 4, 2013 | No Comments

They’ve recently been the perfect picture of happiness, looking loved up wherever they went; but it seems the dream is now over for Joey Essex and Sam Faiers.

Sam is said to be “in bits” as it seems that it was in fact Joey who called time on the relationship after becoming tired of the couple’s constant rows.

The pair was seen looking happy together in Sunday’s episode of The Only Way Is Marbs, even discussing plans for their wedding. But it seems that when the camera stopped rolling, there was trouble in paradise. The glamorous couple were arguing before and during their holiday, but the final straw came on the last night of filming when they had a massive bust-up in a nightclub.

Joey, who was staying in separate accommodation to Sam whilst in Marbs, is said to have told Sam’s sister Billie that there was no going back. However, Joey’s pal Diags seems to think that it isn’t a big deal, saying “They always have arguments, they’re just a couple.”

But as with most TOWIE couples, their relationship has its highs and lows, so let’s just hope this is a temporary split because we think they make one Reem couple!