The Town: A New ITV Drama

Posted by: on Dec 7, 2012 | No Comments

A new ITV drama aired on Wednesday night, opening with a seemingly simple suburban family.

A lovable mother, a tired father, an old grandmother and a moody teenage daughter.

The next scene is something quite different. The seemingly happy mother and father are found dead, both believed to have committed suicide.

The central character is the returning son Mark, (played by Andrew Scott) entering back into a world he had left behind many years ago.

Never believing his parents would have committed suicide he starts to look through their possessions in hope that he will uncover a clue. And this he does, as the two words ‘I know’ are seen on various sheets of paper and text messages. The audience is left with more questions than answers.

An eye catching and thought provoking mystery with superb acting from both Martin Clunes and Andrew Scott.
So if you fancy a mixture of Midsummer Murders and Luther then The Town is definitely worth a watch.