The Voice Is Back!

Posted by: on Apr 1, 2013 | No Comments

Last week kicked off the first of the blind auditions of Series 2 of popular singing competition, The Voice UK. Now we may not have heard an awful lot from last year’s winner Leanne, but we were all still pretty excited to see what this year’s blind auditions had in store for us – and it was a pretty good one if we do say so ourselves!

We were wowed by Mike Ward’s lovely country esque voice, definitely not the voice we were expecting when he walked on stage, especially after the slightly odd rapping we heard in the VT before his performance. 21-year-old Mike clearly has singing talent in his blood, as he is none other than X Factor winner Shayne Ward’s cousin! He is the first recruit for Sir Tom Jones’ team – a brilliant match!

Our hearts were warmed by the lovely Andrea Begley with her beautiful rendition of Angel by Sarah McLachlan. The 26-year-old from Northern Ireland has glaucoma which has resulted in her losing 90% of her vision, meaning she couldn’t actually see who had turned around after her performance. Though our favourite hearthrob Danny ran up on stage to reassure her that along with himself and Tom, the whole of the UK turned around for her. What a lovely gentleman he is, and she obviously thought so too as she chose him to be her mentor!

Alongside these we had 90s pop star Kavana, who failed to impress the judges; Ash Morgan who runs a workshop for children with special needs, who joined Jessie’s rapidly expanding team, and a Will.I.Am lookalike (scarily so) Matt Henry who ended up choosing the Black Eyed Peas star.

All in all, it was a pretty impressive debut show. We will be right in front of our screens at the same time next week to see what goodies are thrown our way – and arguments between the judges. Here’s thinking Jessie is going to be a wee bit more fiesty this year…