The Year of Making Love: too many Frankensteins and not enough Mr Darcys?

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Blind dating goes scientific! But without the white coats and goggles…

Like most science experiments, there is always a chance that you won’t quite get what you bargained for. And this most certainly seems to be the case for some of BBC3’s unlucky in love participants. The scientists have bought people together based on their similarities including areas such as loyalty, commitment and socializing for brand new programme ‘The Year of Making Love’, but will this equal romance?

In the first episode, labelled ‘Britain’s biggest ever blind date’, we meet Andy and Kristy, who immediately hit it off: a proven poster couple that science can make love! However, in the case of Rowdy Rogan and naïve Natalie, the story doesn’t have a happy ending, as she is left in tears after another disastrous date.

In the second episode, we meet the Hulk-like Travis and minnie Amanda, who are as fiery as one another. Did we mention what his part time job was? A naked waiter. You can just imagine the kind of trouble that will ignite. And we were left reeling for poor Ruth, after a shy Sam decides they would be better off as friends.

So there we have it, for some couples science brings love, and for others it brings disappointment.

Happy Valentine’s Day readers.