This week’s juicy bits: weekly need to know gossip

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Gossipdrip is our name so what are you expecting from our fabulous posts? Lots of gossip, obvs. Luckily for us, celebs never fail to provide us with an unlimited amount of gossip juicer than the strawberries served at Wimbledon this summer. As there is so much to tell you I’m going to provide a weekly round-up of need to know goss…

Forget the Wanted poster-Max George has already been punished for his crimes against Michelle!

This week we saw pictures of the gorgeous Max from The Wanted in a passionate clinch that was clearly not long term girlfriend and all round babe, Corrie star, Michelle Keegan. The pair have been dating since 2010 and seemed pretty solid until they called off their engagement in April, citing work commitments as the issue. After that bombshell the cracks began to show. They have not been pictured together in weeks and most recently Max was pictured smooching with a blonde woman- he claimed it was an overzealous fan and Michelle spoke out saying it was fine and part of the territory. Michelle’s spokesperson said today: ‘I can confirm the relationship has recently ended’. Such a shame, they made a beautiful couple!

Not another Pop reunion…

We’ve had Steps, Take That and the Spice Girls… and now the Sugababes will be gracing our charts once again! Using their given names rather than the former band name, Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan are preparing to release new material- the first time for this line-up since 2000. In case you’re confused this is the actual, genuine, original line-up of the Sugababes- none of the million stand in singers will feature. Let the battle commence between the original line-up and the reincarnated line up still sporting the trademark Sugababes name-watch out Heidi Range, Amelle Berrebah and Jade Ewen….


Russell Brand in crude joke debacle!

Not really news then is it? We all expect Rusty Rockets [Russell’s Twitter name FYI] to unleash a torrent of innuendos and bawdy jokes but it seems this week he took it a step too far, and a step too weird too. When being quizzed about his marriage to former wife Katy Perry and weather the reason they split could have been that the sex wasn’t ‘freaky’ enough, Brand brandished Katy a lover of wheelchair porn! ooh-er?! Adding, according to Us weekly, ‘That woman spent ninety percent of our marriage in a little electric wheel chair.’ Russell has been quite the gentleman about his divorce until this week making several digs at Katy via the interviews and his new show Brand X. Clearly a ludicrous and shocking joke to divert from the question but nonetheless bizarre…work on your material Russ!

Get well soon J-J-J-Jessie!

Poor Jessie J has been taken ill with a viral infection- cytomegalovirus is the technical name guys- forcing her to cancel appearances as headline at concert in Northumberland’s Alnwick Castle and Ponty’s big weekend in Wales. The singer is ill with  extreme fatigue, and has been ordered by doctors to rest- not a surprise as she seems to be the hardest working lady in pop at the moment! Such a shame for festival goers but we all wish Jessie a speedy recovery!

Terrifying Tweets for Caroline Flack.

After dating One Direction’s Harry Styles Caroline received her fair share of rude, sniping and crazy messages from jealous 1D fans. However, even after their split Flack is still taking some erm, flack for merely being in the public eye. A 39 year old man has been arrested for harassing her over the internet and Caroline has alerted the police of a twitpic she received from a girl posing with a long kitchen knife. Scary stuff- be nice tweeps, nobody deserves that kind of threat!

Wow! Cheryl goes Pin-up from past era!

Geordie sweetheart Cheryl is usually the epitome of urban, cool and slick modern fashion. But for her latest video for song, ‘Under the Sun’, the former Girls Aloud star has come over all Mad Menesque and donned a retro look. She dons a high waisted skirt and hair tie with leopard print heels whilst posing in suburban streets and on the bonnets of vintage cars. Tres chic. Video premieres July 26th.

Also this week…….

Suri saw dad Tom first time since divorce, Katy Perry is in trouble in India after inappropriate moves on stage, whale licks Shakira’s face at Miami Sealife Park, Michelle Heaton turned 30,Spice Girls confirmed for Olympic closing ceremony, Kelly Brook launched London Pop-Up Magnum store,Snooki showed off her baby bump, Prince Harry kissed a supermodel, scientologists have already found Cruise a new wife?! and Pixie Lott got caught with hairy armpits!

That’s my round up of the week.xoxo.