Tips For The Festival Faces

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It’s a first for me on, so I owe you a little background info. I’ve just landed my dream job working in beauty PR and marketing. Fresh from uni I’d like to think I worked hard and played harder. So what will I blog about? … It’s always going to be a series of anecdotes. I’m a self confessed story teller, I recite my day-to day mishaps and happenings to friends constantly. But I aim to stick true to my interest in beauty, fashion and the bizarre world of brand/PR/marketing. So let’s begin …

Festivals have always divided opinion: there are those who subscribe to copious amounts of festival fun and those who can’t entertain a weekend under the stars, where a wet wipe is your only means of clean for up to three days. So which category do I find myself in? … I’ll be next to the token Bob Marley flag with a long line of dinner time venders on the horizon, that’s where!

Variety is the spice of life and as such I haven’t re-visited a festival yet – regardless of how bloody good it was! It’s June and I’m once again anticipating this seasons festival, a group of us are heading to the Secret Garden Party, its an alternative to the mainstream festivals I’ve attended in the past but its seen growing popularity year on year. We’re overly excited and already discussing what colour manicure were likely to choose – for a festival I’d head straight for a gel manicure as they’re super stay-fast and nothing beats a jet black gloss for the practicalities of camping. I’ve been to quite a few festivals now so hopefully a little insider knowledge might go a long way.

Day 1 

Consider practical clothing for all types of weather and then add in some fashionable pieces to build the look. I’d always take a pair of denim shorts; it’s a really diverse item and matches any t-shirt you’ve got packed. I trawled the shops for weeks before finding my perfect pair, but there are shapes to suit all body types. What’s more a thick pair of tights (60+ denier) into wellies will keep you warm when bad weather inevitably hits.

As it’s the first day everyone tends to look their best so I’d always consider making a statement. Try Pink Punch Colour Sensations by Maybelline; it’s £7.19 from Boots so won’t break the bank- an electric pink which when combined with lashings of lip gloss will have you standing out of the crowds all day. I’ve had mine about two months now and it’s so tempting to add it to every outfit I wear at the weekend because it flushes my face with colour (which is always an essential at a festival), and I’m quite certain it would suit any shade of glitter face paint you’ve got planned for your fancy dress- always a plus point!

Day 2 

It’s a late wake up call this morning: you’re in search of breakfast and you’ve struggled through brushing your teeth in a field with a bottle of Evian… so lets keep day 2 simple. Stuff your bag full of  daily essentials and head to the arena. On my list of many things to buy before the Secret Garden Party is the extremely cute Zatchels leather barrel bag priced at £45; I’m keeping it all things neon and struggling to choose between the hot pink and glow-stick yellow. There dinky dimensions (w 16cm x h 16cm x d 10.5cm) are perfect for  keeping things to a minimum and it really helps me stop taking nonessential items out for the day. I’ve a tendency to pack everything but the kitchen sink and it really does start to drag after 3 hours of carrying about 20 pointless items around.

Day 3 

Ok so you might have over indulged a little too much last night after finding a tent of gents willing to swap cider for our witty anecdotes – fools! I’m afraid that if you’re like me after 3 days without washing my locks I’ve no choice, its going up! But I’m not doing a standard ponytail – firstly because I’m not three and secondly it’s like London Fashion week out there, darling… Last week Emerald Street (see Emerald Street for a photo step-by-step) featured a quick and easy hair style and the beauty of it is that it looks like you’ll have been at the hairdressers for hours- simple yet effective!

The Gibson Tuck requires little to no skill which is perfect for delicate mornings. You’ll need a hair band and a few hair grips. Start by putting your hair in a ponytail at the nape of you neck, grab the hairband and pull up towards the sky about 2-3 inches, and simply tuck the hair into the hole created by folding the hair from the ponytail inside towards your head. Once the hair sits inside simply fix with a grip or two!

So that’s it, three days of fun has come to an end, last night’s headliners blew you away and you’ll be talking about it for months to come and most likely until you book the next one. Some poor soul has to now drive you all home – tried and slightly muddy after partying like a rock star and as a thank you you’ll sleep the entire drive home… that’s gratitude for you!