TOWIE: Reem or Wrong?

Posted by: on Sep 8, 2011 | One Comment

With the third series of ´The Only Way Is Essex´ fast approaching, we take a look into why we hate to love the nation´s favourite reality tv show…

‘The Only Way Is Essex’, or ‘TOWIE’, as it is more commonly known, debuted in October 2010 and has since won a BAFTA for its real life depiction of the young and rich in Brentwood, Essex. Considered as a shocking and undeserving victory by critics of reality television, what’s more surprising is that such characters, who would more often than not be classified as vain, uneducated and money orientated, have become national celebrities. Why do we admire, then, and often obsess over Amy Childs, Mark Wright and the rest of the Essex cast, with their seemingly ostentatious traits?

Girl power

Fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake nails and fake hair- a condensed version of the vital requirements needed by beautician Amy Childs for a night out on the town. Previously considered as mere WAG- like qualities, the thought of spending hours on perfecting your image, whether it be for a supermarket shop or socialite event, is becoming increasingly accepted. The girls in TOWIE ultimately dress through how they feel on the interior; at last, a woman can express her strength and confidence as a female through her immaculate appearance and sense of self satisfaction. One only has to watch the episode of Lauren Goodger, in her five inch heels putting Mark Wright in his place at the pool party, to understand such a concept (yes Mark, “shut up!”).

The key to success (Oxbridge degree not essential)

Amy Childs may not have a clue about the Oxford English Dictionary but her knowledge and experience as a beautician and media socialite is unquestionable. The stars of Essex represent alternative success. Whilst we hear about footballers earning millions for their ball skills on a daily occurrence (pun non-intentional), we are finally able to identify with everyday people, in Essex rather than LA, earning money through their fun and outgoing characters, eye for fashion and glamour and expertise in the workplace, albeit a fashion boutique rather than a stockbrokers. University educated critics (and more so those who are unable to find work) should perhaps think twice about mocking those unable to gain a degree; ‘Minnies’ fashion boutique, run by 20 year old Essex star Sam Faiers and her sister Billie, has more than 18,000 Facebook fans to date, encouraging women from all over the UK to dedicate a day to fashion, Essex style. The fashion world best watch out for Sam Faiers.

‘Carpe diem’

And the most important aspect of TOWIE? It’s ability to have FUN. Indeed, the characters may be portrayed as over the top, and perhaps too their fashion obsessed and party dominated lifestyles, but at the end of the day did Lady Gaga gain success through her conservative and reclusive approach to life? Live life to the full and enjoy every minute of it, just like the stars on our screens.

Watch a sneak preview of the new series online and tell us what you think!