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Ex-TOWIE star Maria Fowler didn't hold back at NU bar for the casts farewell do!

The Only Way Is Essex is set to return to ITV2 later this month for it’s fourth series – and the show is getting a good old spring clean. It’s out with regulars Maria Fowler and Harry Derbidge and in with a whole host of fresh, orange faces!

ITV bosses have yet to confirm their final decision about who will be picked to appear alongside TOWIE’s regulars, but our sources have got the scoop on some of the potentials (see below).

Outspoken party girl Maria Fowler didn’t seem phased by the news of getting the boot, as she hit NU Bar for her goodbye party last week – being papped with the words “GOODBYE ESSEX” written on her arm. Our inside sources said that Maria thoroughly enjoyed the evening, necking back drink after drink and at one point taking swigs straight from the bottle! Steady on Maria; savour the taste while you still can!

Back to the new lot. A press release has revealed that potential newbies to the show include:

Georgina (27yrs old), is a property development company owner, who’s a true alpha female and doesn’t play games with men.

James (20yrs old), known to his friends as “Diags” because of his diagonal smile. He’s Joey’s ‘BFF’ and is a bit of a prankster – but is always getting into trouble.

Billi (24yrs old), is a yoga instructor and beautician at the family business Belles and Beaus. She and Cara are inseparable – best friends for years, they’re like sisters.

Cara (24yrs old) thinks she is like a younger Paris Hilton. She is calm, cool and confident under pressure.

Tom (21yrs old) is Cara’s younger brother and is a part-time trader, actor and ex footballer. He’s a charmer who describes himself as a “laid-back Essex boy”.

Ricky (21yrs old) is known as “The Captain” – he’s a pretty boy who has no problems with the ladies. He’s a real Essex cheeky chappy with a great smile. Confident but not cocky, loves a flirt and is always friendly with everyone.

With all this fresh blood – fans have spoken out on Twitter in fear of their ‘faves’ being axed. BUT never fear, the regulars Joey Essex, Gemma, Mario, Lucy, Chloe and Arg will all return for the structured reality show’s fourth outing, where they’ll be joined by the new bunch.

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