Trashcan Treasures collection at Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

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We were super excited to hear about 21-year-old Georgie-May Tearle’s debut collection at Liverpool Fashion Week a few weeks ago. The unstoppable creative force, who already has made a huge impact in the acting and modelling sector, showed off her environmentally aware Trashcan Treasures collection on the catwalk and on more than one occasion had the crown cheering.

The tagline was “The Art of The Discarded” and with a range of garments sourced from recycled materials including newspapers and carrier bags, along with various fabrics and second hand clothing.


Introduced at the event as “The grande finale” the Trashcan Treasures collection featured outfits ranging from stylish and functional to bold couture statements. As the announcer declared over the microphone “our grande finale really is worth the wait”

The first outfit on the catwalk was a simple yet stylish strapless dress in contrasting black and peach. Eye-catching and elegant, the garment set the tone for the rest of the collection, immediately grabbing the attention of the crowd.

The show continued to impress with outfits including cocktail dresses, casual tops and jackets and more formal dresses sharing the catwalk with outrageous pieces fashioned from papier-mâché and supermarket carrier bags. Highlights included an elegant and very distinctive dress and head-scarf in a white, lace patterned material which had formerly been a net curtain, a bold pink and silver outfit with a tutu skirt made from papier-mâché with a matching sparkly top and sunglasses, a heavily modified denim jacket with wet-look black leggings, a Little Bo Peep style dress and oversized hat made entirely from papier-mâché and modelled brilliantly by Miss Liverpool 2012, Faye Ayers. The rest of the collection saw exquisitely designed dresses contrasted with outfits featuring studs and spikes and all manner of customisation.


The high point of the show came as Miss Liverpool 2012 took to the catwalk in the Pret-Tea outfit; a coat and hat made entirely from tea-bags. The outfit was designed to highlight the fact that tea-bags make up the largest form of food waste in the UK, with over 370,000 tonnes of the recyclable items going to waste every year. It is also fitting that Georgie-May Tearle would choose this theme, as the designer is widely known to be an avid tea drinker, supporting sustainable tea manufacturers and regularly endorsing the many health benefits of tea drinking in her widely subscribed blog Confession of A Model Blogger on the respected YouModels network.

Georgie-May Tearle has already attracted a great deal of attention for her designs, from both the media and industry, with several tea companies interested in supporting the Pret-Tea coat and various publications expressing an interest in speaking to the designer about her collection and her future plans.

With several of the outfits having been sold on the night, Georgie-May Tearle is back in her design studio, working on the next generation of her creations.

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