Trend Watch: Glam Gothic Grrl

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When we hear the word, ‘Goth’, we immediately think of those days when a friend at school took themselves a little too seriously and invested in an entire wardrobe of black, bands tees and poorly applied eyeliner. However, there is a touch of glamour to the goth look that always rears its dark and mysterious head each autumn/winter season in the realms of fashion. This year is no exception- fashion went tough with a hint of sexy for summer 2012 and that theme continues into the colder months. Think flatforms, creepers, studs and mesh and you’ve got the look down. Pair it with emerald greens, oxblood red, velvet and lace textures with lashings of mascara to boot. And don’t forget your staple leather jacket and dark red pout to complete the look. Keep your skirt and sleeve lengths long and your heels high. The glamorous goth trend is perfect for autumn/winter as it can be translated into day and night looks. It is fierce but feminine for all those mysterious grrls out there…

These girls love getting their goth’on…


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