Tulisa’s Cocaine Shame Arrest?

Posted by: on Jun 2, 2013 | 2 Comments

Tulisa with Mike GLC

She’s been axed from The X Factor, split with her boyfriend and now she’s been exposed as being involved in a drug deal by The Sun newspaper.

An undercover reporter befriended the singer and asked her if she could get hold of some cocaine for him. Tulisa didn’t just confirm that she could find a supplier for the reporter but boasted that, “half of [her] phonebook sold it” and she could get “whatever you want.” She also bragged about her best friend being “a massive cocaine dealer.”

It has been reported that after Tulisa organised the deal, Mike GLC sold the reporter £800 worth of cocaine which is a Class A drug. Mike partied with the star on her recent trip to Marbella where her wild child ways and boozy antics caught the eyes of the press.

Tulisa, who claimed to have turned her back on drugs at the age of 14, revealed she was also a drug dealer because “no-one would suspect her.” She said that at the age of 16 she would hide her drug dealer boyfriend’s drugs in lottery tickets. She also announced she still smokes cannabis, which she referred to as green sweets, and smokes it every night to help her sleep.

Police cars were spotted at the singer’s home this morning. It is rumoured they are keen to talk to Tulisa after The Sun handed a dossier of their findings into the Metropolitan Police. The Met. are said to be considering the dossier as evidence.