Tulisa’s Pout Sparks Surgery Rumours

Posted by: on Jun 18, 2013 | No Comments

Fallen star, Tulisa Constavolos was spotted on Monday with a suspiciously fuller pair of lips.

She was spotted leaving a hairdressers in Manchester on Monday afternoon looking worn after the scandals of previous weeks. The photos ignited rumours that she may have had surgery. The singer emerged from the salon with a bigger pout and fuller cheeks, leading fans to question whether Tulisa had had fillers. Her jaw also appeared less square and more rounded than before.

Tulisa as she appeared on The X Factor on the left and as she looked on Monday on the right.

However experts have argued that the fuller lips could simply be down to clever contouring and her jawline may seem less square due to the angle of the photos. It is thought her “puffier” visage may be a consequence of sleepless nights and stress caused by her involvement in a cocaine deal which has now tarnished her image after being leaked by tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun.’