Tweet-flirt: Cara Delevingne and… Gaz from Geordie Shore?!

Posted by: on Jun 3, 2013 | No Comments

Of all the celebrities that Cara Delevingne could be bantering about her drinking abilities with over Twitter this week, we could have guessed it might have been her wifey-pal Rita Ora?Nick Grimshaw?Rihanna, even?

But no, the answer is a lot closer to home… it was only Geordie lothario and MTV reality star, Gaz Beadle!

The pair exchanged banter on an upcoming drinking sesh, where they joked and jibed via flirty messages on each others’ drinking abilities.

Cara started the exchange, tweeting: ‘the battle is yet to begin but the war is already won! Are you ready for the challenge?’

Gaz‘s retort pulled no punches, replying: ‘next Sunday your ass is mine hope ya not bad loser #bluewkdlightweight haha!! #goingtogetmessy’

Cara challenged his jibes, but he returned with a stomach-turning prediction: ‘my victory dance is already planned dont worry ill hold ya hair back’

Now that’s fighting talk! Who do you reckon is the biggest partier, Gossipdrip readers? Cara or Gaz?