Walk, walk (sporty) fashion baby: best & worst dressed countries at the 2012 Opening Ceremony

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So the London 2012 Olympic games have begun, and what an opening ceremony.

Danny Boyle’s extravagantly eccentric ceremony entitled “Isles of Wonder” covered a vast array of things which were proof of why Britain is great.

From James Bond and the Queen quite literally dropping into the show, lindy hopping NHS nurses and Suffragettes, to Mary Poppins defeating Voldemort. It was all so unexpected and yet so perfect. GB really provided the greatest show on earth.

But we mustn’t forget that the athletes were the real reason that we were all glued to our television screens. OK the Parade of Nations is the most boring aspect of the whole ceremony (I have literally never heard of a load of countries that strutted into the stadium).

What, you went and made a cup of tea? Or maybe changed channel for a while? Or, it all turned into a blur of super fit people walking? Worry not, here at Gossipdrip we are happy to help. So here are our highlights of the best and worst dressed countries at the 2012 opening ceremony.

Ok let’s start with us …

MISS Stella McCartney’s team pretty quickly jumped to say that they did not design these white and gold outfits (It was in fact highstreet store NEXT), I somehow don’t see gold arm-pits catching on.

Brazil …

HIT We all know that coloured trousers are a big trend this year and the blazers really smarted the outfits up. I also want the scarves.

Mexico …

HIT My weakness is bright, garish shirts. So this lot were winners for me

Canada …

MISS Sorry, where are you lot from again?

Germany …

MISS I’m a girl, so do I have to wear pink?

Australia …

HIT This look is so Australian (whatever that means). Everyone looked super comfy and happy.

Sweden …

MISS Ouch, my eyes hurt

Cook Islands …

Members of the Cook Islands' contingent take part in athletes parade during opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium

HIT Bring up the hem of those dresses about a foot and they would be perfect for this summer.

Now let the games begin.