We Talk To The Risk

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The foursome who found fame on The X Factor relaunched their sound to the world at the beginning of 2013 with their new single Missiles. Entertainment reporter Rachel Mullins chats Peter Andre, X factor and 1D feuds with the boys.

You’ve just finished touring with Peter Andre – tell me a bit about that?

It was an amazing experience getting to tour sold-out arenas and theatres
again. His crowd were all really lively and made the atmosphere incredible

Who else would you like to tour with now that Pete is ticked off the list?

Rihanna; her tours always sell out, an she’s a great performer! Plus she loves a party.

Let’s go back to the X Factor – do you still keep in touch with Louis?

No, but we speak to Tulisa quite often.

You went quiet for a while after finishing the X Factor – why was that?

We had so many gigs to do. We were still new so wanted to find ourselves as artists, so that we could bring something out that we felt was right for us!

‘Missile,’ your new single,  has pretty urban sound. What influenced you to head in that direction?

We wanted to go down a different route to other boybands out there, plus with our urban influences and Derry’s rapping we felt it would be a perfect way to go.

How competitive is it between you and 1D and The Wanted…really?!

Not as much as you’d think, simply because we have different genres and audiences. We feel like we have a different sound that doesn’t make them our direct competition.

The video to the single was filmed at the o2 – what inspired that?

We didn’t want anything that was too rehearsed or unnatural, so we decided to have half of the video in a lit studio and the other half showing our journey on a typical gig day.

Now we’ve got a single from the Risk boys – will there be an album to follow

We’re working on an album currently and will hopefully be releasing it for this summer! But at the minute we’re gearing up for single two and in the studio to create more songs for the album.

Finally, a bit of band dishing the dirt stuff… Who’s got the worst habit in the group? And – who’s the most successful with the ladies?!

Worst habit has to be Andy – he cant sleep with ANY disturbance i.e. whispering, texting, light from a laptop etc! And Derry does the best with the ladies. He puts it down to his cheeky smile!