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Coming from a rather conservative and quiet part of Surrey, moving to Manchester to start University was a pretty daunting experience. Besides the fear of not understanding a word anyone said and having to eat pie for the rest of my tragic life, I had little experience of the North of England and its people. Here I am writing 2 years later (yes, I have survived), and I have concluded that moving to Manchester was the best choice I ever made.

I have always loved fashion and keeping up to date with the latest trends, but I never had the confidence to wear anything I’ve seen in the magazines or on television. 2 years ago I much preferred to walk to University in my hoody and UGG boots- for me, this was a ‘safe’ outfit that didn’t invite judgement, and a way to retreat into my shell of no confidence. The less attention I brought upon myself the better- but I felt as if something was missing.

After a year of living in Manchester something clicked. Nobody here cared about what anybody else thought. They wore what they wanted- being unique called for a celebration, colour came with confidence and generally, those who had their own style were positive individuals- they looked and felt happier in their own skin.

Whilst I’m not stating that I go to lectures dressed as Lady Gaga, my confidence has undoubtedly increased due to my time in Manchester. I no longer care about what people think of my clothes and defend those who get slated for ‘following the crowd’ or alternatively, stand out, because at the end of the day each person should have the right to wear whatever they want in order to make them feel a million dollars.