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Magazine editors have often declared Benefit the most “action-packed” brand in the business, famed for playful packaging, snappy monikers (‘Ring my bella’ is one of our new favourites) & a feel-good philosophy.

We explain 5 reasons as to why Benefit has become the worldwide beauty brand that it is today.

1)We are primarily attracted to Benefit’s girly and almost magical, potion like packaging. Benefit makeup stands out amongst other beauty brands, and for this reason, we believe Benefit makeup will do things for us that no other brand is capable of.

2) Benefit is universal. We know women of all ages and of all skin types that have Benefit makeup in their handbag. Colourful and playful eyeshadows for the younger generation and firming products for the more age aware, Benefit appeals to all.

 3) Benefit makeup isn’t pretentious. It targets real women, with genuine beauty needs. It’s online beauty tutorials, helpful makeup artists and instruction manuals are all provided to ensure you both feel and look your best, giving you confidence to ask questions that you would perhaps be afraid to do so with bigger, more prestigious brands.

 4) Benefit cosmetics come with an affordable price tag. Whilst retailers may stock similar products, they are likely to lack the ‘feel good’ factor of the Benefit experience and the sense that you are truely treating yourself, both physically and mentally.

5) Benefit doesn’t just stop at cosmetics. Find your nearest Benefit Brow Bar for highly trained brow shaping, and a range of other services- Eyelash extensions and tinting, facial, body and bikini waxing and eyebrow tinting.