Posted by: on Oct 3, 2011 | One Comment

ITV’s Loose Women is every man’s worst nightmare (let us know if you disagree!). After constantly being told to turn it off by my boyfriend I have come to the conclusion that men cannot deal with the outrageously truthful conversations of women and their fantastic sense of humour.

Here’s 5 reasons why we couldn’t live without our daily dose of ‘Loose Women’…

1) The Loose Women judging panel are real women. By real women we mean women of different ages, sizes and character; we aren’t simply presented with a row of vanity obsessed celebrities. We can relate to the judges because we have such a varied judging panel, and this is reflected in the variety of Loose Women viewers.

2) The judging panel show that women are capable of discussing subjects other than family and fashion. Whilst they celebrate the importance of such topics, they ultimately present their viewers with debates regarding the current social climate in Britain and ethical issues.

3) Their conversations are hilarious, and conducted in such a colloquial and spontanteous manner that we often find ourselves laughing alongside them from our sofa, as if we were part of the conversation ourselves.

4) Their variety of guests for a day time show is praiseworthy. Not only do we get to feast our eyes on handsome looking actors and musicians but we get to hear celebrity viewpoints on social and ethical issues, something which other chat shows seem to lack.

5) And finally… our Loose Women panel ultimately celebrate women: our highs, our lows, and everything it means to be a woman!