Wired Jewellery Reinvents Collar Adornment

Posted by: on Apr 3, 2012 | No Comments

How freakin cute are these Wired Jewellery collar tips!!! I’ve never even thought of such a thing yet here I am contemplating ordering both the gold and silver versions!

These beautiful intricately patterned collar clips will jazz up the most plain of pointed collars giving your outfit a whole different vibe – just think how much more exciting your little white shirt will look with these bad boys. Goodbye boring day look, hello quirky evening glam.

These lovely little clips come in one size and fit most standard sized pointed collars. Simply clip on to the edges of your collar and away you go – sorted. It’s such a simple way to give your outfit a little something extra, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen anything like these at such a low price anywhere else! To keep in tip top condition simply remove from your shirt collar and wipe over with a damp cloth. I literally cannot big these up enough, they’re absolutely adorable!

We’ve all become huge fans of embroidered, patterned and embellished collars in recent months and these add to our ever expanding collar adornment collection. At only £7 you better hurry up and treat yourself to a pair as they’re selling out fast!

Check out their website now girls, it’s an absolute beaut!