Women lose £11.5 million beauty products to airport security

Posted by: on Aug 6, 2013 | No Comments

British women can lose out on £11.5 million worth of beauty products, a study by Escentual.com has revealed.

One in four woman forget the 100ml rule for in-flight liquids resulting in an average of £23 products being confiscated.

This week, the busiest period for holiday flights, it is estimated over a million pounds worth of beauty goodies will fall under the five-year-old 100ml rule.

Besides the cash loss, 40% of the women surveyed admitted the worst thing was not being able to replace the products on holiday.

Escentual.com Beauty Editor Emma Leslie explained: “It’s not that they weren’t aware of the rules – the vast majority knew them but were in such a rush to get packed and to the airport in time that they forget and kept their beauty products in their handbag. Clearly the key is to be prepared and have beauty products on your main check-list along with tickets and passport.

Ladies, it’s time to plan ahead! Most cosmetics come in 100ml packs especially for your trips abroad.