Zayn almost KICKED OUT of One Direction

Posted by: on Aug 20, 2013 | No Comments

One Direction are probably the world’s biggest five-piece boyband. But did you know they could have been a four-piece?

In an interview with ITN, the boys joked about how they almost chucked Zayn out of the band when they were first starting out!

The incident occurred when the band first got together. The boys planned to meet in a cafe but Zayn failed to turn up “We didn’t really know how a band worked,” explained Harry. “We thought we were hard,” laughed Niall, “we decided we should kick him out.”

Fortunately a few days later the boys met up again including Zayn. Cutie Liam managed to talk it out with Zayn around a campfire (aww!) and it was eventually decided he would remain in the band!

We think you made the right decision boys!